5 Benefits of Taking a Staycation

While we all love to escape at some point in the year to a foreign land, to laze under palms beneath a cloudless sky, the benefits we can get from taking a domestic short-break are not be ignored. At the time of writing I’ve just spent my weekend on a ‘staycation’ in Dorset, 130-something miles away from home. This was my first domestic short-break I’ve taken in a few years and I took a whole lot more away from it than I’d first imagined, so here’s 5 of the most prominent benefits of a domestic holiday that we could all do with in our quest for simpler and more fulfilling lives.

1 Get away with less preparation

When you holiday in your own country, chances are you are already vaguely familiar with the area you are going to, so you can do a little less research and a more of that living in the moment sort of living we all long for.


2 Travel at your own pace

When there’s no flight to catch or coach to find, it’s all down to you to decide how to make your travel experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. If you’re making a longer trip cross-country, why not extend your holiday by a day and stay overnight to explore the halfway point?

3 Get to know your country

Road trips reward you with place knowledge and visual observations about each region of the country, how some areas are flat and some are carved with rolling hills. You never know when you’ll be needed at the village pub quiz…

4 Breathe clean air

In the Victorian era it wasn’t uncommon for your doctor to prescribe coastal air for your ailments. A trip to the seaside is absolutely made by the tinge of salt in the air. Taking yourself to a rural area, a location with National Park status or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty AONB (or indeed your country’s equivalent) is also a satisfying way to leave the heavily polluted urban environment behind.


5 Find space to reassess your life back home

Sometimes a week abroad feels a little too far from your home life, so it’s easy to forget about everything you’ve got to return to. A staycation gives you the jolt of I-don’t-have-much-time-here, and in doing so it can actually help to clear your mind enough to realise what you’re missing, or what you’ve got too much of, back at home.

If you’re making a domestic trip this holiday season, be sure to reap those benefits while you’re there!

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