PODCAST with Be The Bees: My Journey into Creative Entrepreneurship

Last month I had the pleasure of recording my very first podcast feature with Alexia from London-based outsourcing and procurement agency, Be The Bees. We covered a lot in what is the second episode in their podcast series, which discusses contemporary issues faced in business management and sheds light on entrepreneurial journeys.

Alexia kindly invited me onto the podcast to share my experience in starting my own business just after leaving university. We talked about how to manage yourself as an entrepreneur, the importance of having a social media presence when growing an online start-up and some of the challenges I've faced since starting to grow my creative business. We also discussed whether or not I would consider returning to a regular 9-5 work environment.

I’m constantly reminding myself that bringing about change is difficult without making a start somewhere, so I really believe in taking action now - even if it means launching before you’re ready!

I’m still relatively new to freelance work and this blog is the most successful of any I’ve managed before so I’m very grateful to have been asked to talk openly about my experiences so far in the hope that it will potentially help other aspiring entrepreneurs to take the plunge themselves.

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast episode and that it inspires you to grow your own business, whether you left school years ago and want a career change, or whether you’re a recent graduate looking to find what you truly enjoy doing.

Thanks again to Be The Bees for asking me to feature on their podcast! Listen over on their site or hear the recording via the player above.

Be The Bees and I also collaborated on a couple of blog posts last month, writing about ways to broaden your recognisability and follower engagement on social media. Follow the link to read Be The Bees’ post on increasing brand awareness with incentives. In our podcast we talked briefly about my love for Pinterest as a virtual mood board and a clever online marketing tool and you can read more about it here in my blog post.

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