Brand Storytelling Made Simple: What to Do and How

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about branding. We're surrounded by brands everywhere we look, so it seems almost impossible trying to decipher how we can make our brand stand out over millions of others. In my own quest to build a cohesive brand I came across the term "brand storytelling".

On first look, I had to do a double take. In my years studying tourism and business management at university, I had never come across that term before. I wondered: is "brand storytelling" simply just making clear the brand's origins and virtues in order to stand out, or, given how many people are using it, is it something more than that? It turns out that it's one of 2018's most encouraged ways to bring your business personality to life and help you reach customers, though something tells me that the concept of brand storytelling has always been there, waiting in the wings of a successful business.

Your brand story is far more than just an 'about' page. It's even more than your brand philosophy, your missions and your visions. An amalgamation of those things and more, your brand story is the facade of the whole venture. That means your visual presentation is part of your brand story too.

In short, we're talking absolutely everything; your beliefs, your choice of wording, the tone of voice, visual merchandising and packaging style, who you hire and the colour palette you choose. All of these elements combine into one big and, hopefully, recognisable package. That's your brand story.

So if your brand story is a mass conglomerate of factors that surround your business presence, how do you get it all to match up and lead down one single path to establishing a memorable business? 

To do this, you have to start with your purpose. What is your mission as a business? What visions do you have for the future of the company? By familiarising yourself with your aims and ideals, you can become a step closer to understanding what your brand should look like.

Now you've established your unique value proposition, mission and vision, do you feel like you know your brand a little better? If you're feeling inspired, that's great, because it's time to get creative.

Creativity is definitely one of our favourite parts of the whole process of running a business, yes? Here is where we get to determine the aesthetic of our whole facade, the language we intend to use and the kind of approach we will take to marketing. One of my favourite ways to do this is to construct a mood board.

As long as it displays a cohesive representation of your missions and values, you can build a mood board however you please. If you're a cut-and-stick kind of person, use excess fabric, paint sample cards, magazine cuttings and printed images from online to build your mood board. If you'd prefer to work with Photoshop or use a simple Pinterest board to get a feel for your brand, those will work just as well.

Suddenly, coming up with your brand story isn't as daunting as it first seemed. All you need to do now is work closely with your mission, vision, values and colour schemes to tell the story of your brand. The best bit is that it's unique to you and your company, which is exactly what you need to stand out from all the other companies who are concentrating on their own brand storytelling.

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