5 Truly Timeless Home Decor Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Trends are a funny thing. Many of us secretly fall in love with the latest innovations and developments in interior design with a dream of recreating a beautiful living space of our own. We feel energised and inspired by the need to embrace change, before reminding ourselves that maybe it's nothing but a fad. Will we get sick of it as the seasons change? Will we feel nothing but despair for the money and time we spent scouting out home decor items? And that's all if we haven't already moved onto something else by next season! Inspired recently by my boyfriend's wrinkled expression and snide remark that the macramé wall hanging I was eyeing up in a store looked like a "broken mop head", I thought I would share with you five home decor trends that rarely receive similar comments of disgust and those that are so timeless that they will never go out of style.

Photo by Ember + Ivory on Unsplash

Scandinavian Simplicity

Scandinavian design... Feel free to join me while I sigh and pause to pine over beautiful and clean-cut Scandi-inspired homes... Okay, all back in the room now? Good. We've got a lot to cover. We can outwardly see two sides to Scandinavian interior design. First and foremost, we can see the importance of practicality. In those cities far north of Europe, apartments can be small so practical furniture and decor should be at the forefront of the designers' mind. You only have to spend a few hours in IKEA to understand what I mean. Storage solutions are completely nailed in that place. The second element in the Scandinavian style of design is the simplicity of the decor. Societal and cultural values in this part of the world are generally more about treasuring moments in time than measuring life's quality by material objects. Therefore, homes are typically decorated with a few simple, statement pieces and festive decor is often very traditional, handmade and sentimental. It's the layering of these little elements, and the use of a variety of textures, that really create a cosy, yet clean and interesting vibe. There is such a happy medium of modern structure combined with natural and handmade materials that make Scandinavian interior decor completely timeless.

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Modern Rustic

'Modern Rustic' really is all the rage, but it's a style that will never lose its spark in the eyes of interior design enthusiasts. The distressed features of hand-me-down furniture or reclaimed wood cabinetry are both shabby and chic all at once. The rustic style of home decor says 'perfectly imperfect', symbolising a lived-in feel. It is more about emanating the joy and comfort that is shared in the home, rather than the anxiety and time that would be spent trying to polish out every little scratch on the table in order for it to look perfect. Rustic homes are full of charm and history, demonstrating their timeless atmosphere. In this way, you can be sure rustic home decor will never go out of style.

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Vintage Vibes

Nothing feels more like stepping through a time tunnel than walking into a vintage-inspired home. Vintage items are typically classified as such if they are between 30 to 100 years old. When combined cohesively with clever use of colour, you can go all out and mix vintage-inspired pieces from every era. If you are just looking for a statement piece, like a TV-stand or a classy bureau, choose something that is the perfect representation of the specific time period in mind. Mid-century modern and retro furnishings are a great way to embrace the classic and defining looks of the decade in question, giving your home a splash of individuality and memorability. Vintage is completely budget-friendly too. From hand-me-down pieces to furniture in charity shops and vintage fairs, you can often get hold of vintage furniture fairly cheaply. Go into vintage buying with an open yet clear mind and you'll find some timeless gems to add a stylish touch to your home that will last in people's memories for years to come.

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Floral Fabrics

There's a misconception that floral patterns can look aged and reminiscent of 'Grandma's house' or stately country homes, which can often put people off using floral decor in their homes. The truth is, floral prints don't have to be used in conventional ways if you're going for a timeless feel. If you're not a big fan of floral fabric curtains or bedspreads, introduce the theme into your home using small dapples of pattern and colour with cushions or wall hangings. Floral doesn't need to be 'fogey'. Think of it as bringing elements of the outdoors in. What's more, you can go beyond the typical large prints of dusky-coloured flower heads by combining the style with something a little more modern. There's nothing saying you can't use foliage instead. Bunches of eucalyptus in a simple vase can really add a natural and outdoorsy vibe to a room, so think outside of the box. You can easily pair floral patterns and foliage with any kind of theme in home decor to ensure that your room has a timeless atmosphere.

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Wood and Wicker

This is a trend that is absolutely everywhere on Pinterest at the moment, but one that is truly timeless. Growing up we all knew somebody that owned a bowl-shaped, high-backed wicker chair, right? What better way to bring that little piece of our childhood back into our homes than by using subtle natural textures to create a warm and inviting atmosphere? The slightly tinged and tarnished look of wood and wicker give off a relaxed and even a beachy feel to the decor. Paired with similar natural materials like rope and cotton, as well as some vibrant greenery, your home will instantly feel lighter and brighter. Add extra comfort to a wicker chair using cushions with various patterns and textures and lay a geometric throw over a hamper to add depth and interest. Creating a warm and cosy room with natural and tropical hints will produce an everlasting joy that you will never get bored of when you come into your home.

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And there you have it, we've picked up on some timeless styles of home decor and have learned that trends of the moment can actually have a very classic feel if you put a spin on them and incorporate them as subtle details and statement pieces. Hopefully, you found some inspiration to put a timeless spin on your home decor, but also remember that a home is what you make it. Trends will always circulate and come back around again, time after time. Use those basic themes, but don't be afraid to create the home you have always dreamt of and be experimental with your design to put a unique stamp on your interior styling!

A big thank you goes out to the incredibly talented and generous photographers of the Unsplash community, without whom it would have been very difficult to depict these diverse, beautiful and timeless home decor and interior design styles!