The Capsule Wardrobe: Summer Holiday Edition

Are you prone to bringing your entire wardrobe on holiday with you? Last year, for the first time, I travelled with an airline that offered the maximum of a whopping 22kg luggage weight. I celebrated. I'm the person that tries to pack for all eventualities, even if 99% of these hypothesised situations never occur. God forbid we go on a walk and I don't have a pair of Converse, although if you've ever tried to walk long distances in Converse you'd be wondering why the heck I ever bother packing them anyway. The truth is, we spend most of our summer getaways lounging around in swimwear. We dress for dinner in the simplest outfits we can find because the unfamiliar heat of foreign places leaves us completely shattered come the evening. We also go for the easiest option when we realise we brought with us one lovely blouse that goes with nothing else we packed. It's time to be more realistic and apply our trusty capsule wardrobes to our suitcases for lighter, simpler and more cleverly thought out summer holiday outfits, so here are a few of the must-have items in your summer holiday capsule wardrobe...

Summer holiday wardrobe accessoriesOne Evening Bag, One Day Bag

It's bad enough lugging a suitcase, with dodgy and uncontrollable wheels and all, through throngs of dawdling holidaymakers in the airport, but once your case is safely deposited into the depths of the luggage conveyors below, all you have to worry about is whether it makes it to the plane. Except - your arms are killing. You've still got the agonising weight of your handbag, which you've stuffed full of all sorts of junk you "need" for the flight and the guilty knowledge that, in your cases, you've only gone and packed more bags...

Sounds like you? Me too. Let's be honest with ourselves here: we do not need that many bags. A simple and decent sized evening bag in a neutral shade is enough when we're out and about at night. As for our handbag, why bother packing another one for the beach when you could carry it with you? For me, right now, straw bags are the way to go. A straw tote will double as a stylish beach bag whilst looking bang on trend. Save space in your chosen bags by separating things into pouches or pockets. This way, you can quickly expel the bits you don't need for any particular occasion! If you're not keen on this idea, pick a beach bag that flattens easily into your suitcase; a practical handbag will do as your carry-on.

A Sunhat or Cap

This summer staple is an absolute must-have in your holiday capsule wardrobe. A cap is a perfect solution to saving space in your suitcase. They're small and can be folded down the sides of your case to be even more compact.

Lately, if you hadn't worked it out already, I have been loving the 'natural fibres' type of look. A straw hat not only looks trendy, but it will also protect your eyes, face and shoulders from the blazing sun. It will also go with everything, so you needn't really bring another hat with you! Just remember, you might have to carry your hat with you whilst you travel to avoid it creasing out of shape in your suitcase, so pick a hat you won't get sick of carrying around!

Summer holiday wardrobe accessoriesSunglasses

This one is very difficult for me to keep to the minimum. I'm a total sunglasses junkie and, after weeks of teasing me about my sunnies addiction, so is my boyfriend! I'm going to try hard to follow my own advice on holiday this year and only take a couple of pairs. Depending on what items of clothing you have pieced together in your capsule wardrobe, try to take just a simple black or tortoiseshell pair for use around the pool and pick a flashier or statement pair of sunglasses when you want to switch it up ('try' being the optimal word; I know it feels like a rejection of your other pairs of sunglass babies).

Summer Holiday Wardrobe Shoes AccessoriesNeutral-coloured Wedges

You cannot go wrong with a pair of wedges, can you? We've all had this longing desire to pair our newest outfit with the perfect high heels to match,, hello? The cobbled, uneven streets of Greece and the knobbles and grooves of Spanish paving are not going to love your heels the same way you do. In fact, they'll probably just try to eat them, chew them up and spit them out, making them look horrendous. A pair of neutral wedges will suit every look you want to wear on holiday and won't be a pain in the butt to walk in without toppling over or fearing the loss of a stiletto heel.

White Shorts

In my book, white shorts are imperative on holiday. You can sling them on top of your bikini or swimsuit during the day and you can guarantee they'll be an eveningwear staple too. They will go with everything. Could there be a better example of a summer capsule wardrobe item? My advice, however, would be to bring a couple of pairs with you so that you have a back up for when one pair gets dirty!

A Camisole in Neutral Tones

I always take a pretty top or camisole when I'm on holiday, usually in solid tones of white, grey, navy or black. I love how easy it is to dress up a simple top with little accessories and they pair up well with most of the items you'll bring with you - especially the white shorts!

Summer holiday wardrobeA Sun Dress or Kaftan

If you're just off out for lunch or to have a walk around town, save yourself the bother of going back to your room to change your outfit. Cover-ups are perfect for throwing on effortlessly around the pool and can still look nice and dressy. When you get back to the poolside or sun lounger, all you have to do is whip it straight off again!

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your summer holiday capsule wardrobe but, don't worry, I've got you covered with a whole downloadable checklist that you can use to ensure you pack light and simple for your next holiday! Save the .jpg below to Pinterest and use the printout as a guide to making your packing seem less of a chore and, if you're a bit last minute dot com, a whole lot quicker and easier! Be sure to post your own ideas in the comments and if you like the checklist, please let me know why and I'll get to work on some more minimalist-inspired printouts!

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