Therapeutic Activities To Try This Spring
Spring is a time for new beginnings, new adventures and, in whatever way we please, turning over a new leaf (bad pun). To celebrate, I've come up with six easy ways to enjoy the season. The following are all things you don't need to have a lot of cash for and are all intended to add a little more positivity to your day. If you give any of these a try or have some even better ideas, please share them on Instagram with the hashtag #bbspringtherapy. Let's celebrate the joys of spring together!

Flower Pressing

Have you ever seen those whimsical YouTube videos on journalling and zine-making? One thing I want to have a go at this spring is pressing some gorgeous flowers, to capture their beauty in a moment in time. Flower pressing is definitely not something you need to spend much money on. There is everything from the classic methods, to those you might never have thought of; from pressing between heavy anthology books and sheets of paper to pressing between two spare tiles in the microwave! I'm hoping to incorporate some more time into preserving flowers like this to include in any craft projects I decide to do this spring.

Pom-pom or tassel-making

Pom-poms and tassels are everywhere at the moment, in both clothes shops and interior design emporiums. The good news is, if you've been lusting over Anthropologie tassel wall-art and those fun pom-pom key rings, why not have a go at making some yourself! You can find bundles of wool and fabric scraps very cheaply in discount or charity shops. I had a go at making a pom-pom garland to sit underneath my windowsill and it makes me so happy whenever I look over at it. These pieces of decorative yarn are so easy to make, it's almost addictive! I've also been having a go at sewing my pom-poms onto baskets, which is time-consuming but SO satisfying! And that stupidly expensive Anthropologie wall hanging? There's an awesome tutorial by Hermione Chantal on YouTube, that shows you how...

Going for a long, rural drive

I find driving through the countryside is good for the soul. Spontaneous trips across your county to learn more about the area on your doorstep can be very rewarding. I particularly like peeking in the high-hedged gardens of thatched cottages as we drive past and pulling over at villages I've never-once-visited. This spring, try to get out a few times to explore your local area, or even go further than you've been before.

Planting your garden

It's no wonder horticultural therapy can be so successful at stress and anxiety management. Simply losing your thoughts in the garden whilst planting this years' flowers is amazing for the mind and body. To feel in touch with nature is to feel grounded, calm and appreciative of our surroundings.

Practising minimalism

One of my aims this spring is to try to embrace the concept of minimalism more, in all aspects of my life. Minimalism can mean various different things to people, but learning more about it has shown me that minimalism can go as far as having only 30 items to your name, or it doesn't have to. It's what is comfortable for you, and your lifestyle. Minimalism to me is all about reducing clutter. I have an embarrassing tendency to hoard stationery and craft bits. Things that I always want to put to use, but never really put my mind to long enough. Whilst I don't pretend to be a tidy-home goddess, I have found as I've got older that mess and junk seem to make my anxiety worse. Perhaps, in my worst moments, it's another gloomy reminder that I need to 'sort my life out' and get organised. Therefore, I'm taking baby steps towards a more minimalist lifestyle. There are resources online that you can utilise in order to help you along the way. I'm working with a '30 Days to Minimalism' worksheet produced by Pick Up Limes. Of course, if you are short of time day to day you shouldn't stress about dedicating a whole thirty days straight towards it, but it is a good guideline for things you can declutter and how.


Journalling is something I've talked about a lot over on Instagram and in previous posts, such as my last: 'Why You Should Start a Bullet Journal'. Journalling is a great way to get creative and let your thoughts out on paper. And it's even a place to stick your dried flowers in so you can keep them safe!